Wireless CCTV Systems and surveillance cameras, where and when you need it.

“Videofied” is wireless infrared technology combined with wireless camera recording, which allows the wireless transmission of video footage for high risk areas. “Videofied” integrates seamlessly with Chub, ADT BLUE INTERNATIONAL AND OTHER COMPATIBLE MONITORING COMPANIES

The camera will record a 15 second video clip when the detector detects movement in its coverage area. A 200k MPEG video clip will then be transmitted via the GPRS network to the Chubb Monitoring Centre on alarm activation.

From here, the video clip can be sent to pre-selected cellphone numbers for viewing Radio communications and no A/C connections make this totally wireless battery-operated video security system discreet and easy to deploy.

1. The “videofied” control panel is able to communicate with any of the monitoring centers that are compatible via the GPRS cellular network, Ethernet or standard telephone lines infrared (multifocal) cameras.

2. These cameras are suitable for day and night viewing, specifically in poor and varying light conditions.

3. These cameras are applicable for sites with no wireways to run cable to a DVR or Monitoring Centre IP Cameras.

4. The CCTV System allows connection through an existing LAN network, with the restriction of only allowing authorised users to view footage.

5. Wireless cameras with alarm input and SMS facility.

6. Wireless infrared detectors can be combined with a wireless camera for high risk areas.




















There are many different applications for a modern CCTV surveillance system in retailing. CCTV surveillance is used to prevent theft in shops and stores, to provide evidence of robberies and break-ins and to uncover employee fraud or deception. Attractive product ranges don’t just please honest customers, they also tempt light-fingered people to help themselves.

But it isn’t just security which benefits from CCTV surveillance, intelligent video analysis is useful for marketing, too: You can observe customers, measure footfall, conduct behavioural studies or structural analysis, which helps with improving staff planning or shop layouts.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a small supermarket, an exclusive jeweller or a complete shopping centre, Sequre-Tronix offers the ideal solution for every situation



















Petrol stations

Gone are the days when it was possible to just fill up, jump in and then drive away – thanks to the ability of modern video surveillance systems to supply conclusive images and document transactions reliably.  Sequre-Tronix provides optimal video surveillance solutions for petrol stations: from cameras to recording systems to analysis software – perfectly matched components from a single source.  The Dallmeier IP cameras deliver detailed image material with high contrast and colour fidelity. At service stations, customer number plates can be recognised reliably from vehicles approaching the camera with their headlights on.




















Modern video surveillance in airports requires flexible solutions which fulfil stringent quality and security demands: Distributed cameras, recording and transmission of video signals, live presentation, use of digital networks, intelligent picture processing, integration of audio channels and control as a video system via a higher-order (often already existing) building-management system.

Due to the layout of modern airports with numerous separate buildings and areas, the need arises for multi-area surveillance systems with the flexibility to set up secondary control centres as well, for example. Emergency scenarios and the integration of mobile control stations also play an important role (e.g. iPhone/iPad).




















Especially for universal banks and savings banks reliable video surveillance systems are indispensable these days. Robberies, burglaries, cheque card fraud at ATMs or vandalism require swift reactions. Very often, video recordings are the only way to get on to the perpetrators.

The Dallmeier recorder range “bank” comprises compact digital recording systems whose certifications and specific system parameters as well as the specifically designed software make them ideal for bank applications. Like all Dallmeier systems, the bank recording servers are highly stable and reliable devices. What characterises them in particular is the outstanding image quality and high operator convenience.

Additionally, the recorder configuration offers the possibility to insert so-called privacy zones within the picture, i.e. to mask out certain sections or black them out respectively (for example number pads for PINs).



















Residential security

Personal protection and the security of one's family and property is arguably the most important need of every human being. The flexibility of VideoIP based security solutions can make a decisive contribution fulfilling that existential demand. My house, my car, my video system: Increasingly, private people want to protect their property and thus rely on state-of-the art video security technology. Thereby the application areas are varied and include deterring criminals, triggering alarms in case of thefts or vandalism or provide conclusive evidence to identify perpetrators




















Health is the most valuable possession. Still, even health care professionals working in hospitals have to deal with issues such as theft, disputes over possible malpractice or even the kidnapping of infants. CCTV / IP video surveillance systems by Dallmeier are being used in order to prevent against recurrences of these crimes or at least enable a swift and cost-effective solution




















Cameras form the first element of the system and should therefore be chosen particularly carefully. For the logic is simple: Even the best recorder can only record high-quality images if the camera provides a good signal.

That is why Dallmeier has used its 30 years of experience to produce own cameras. Dallmeier even upped the ante: The cameras were adjusted to the special requirements of casinos. This was the beginning of the Dallmeier CasinoCam, a special camera that, thanks to a specifically developed software, is able to provide quick and optimal adjustment to the different scenarios in a casino



















Mobile surveillance solutions

Sequre -Tronix has created an advanced mobile solution to enable drivers, customers, and taxi & bus companies to deal with safety threats and bad user experience. The solution will save time and energy, but deliver more effective and efficient service. The end-to-end solution uses reliable video recorder, integrated platform and intelligent technologies to ensure buses and taxis are well guarded and efficiently run


With respect to security we thank you for this opportunity to introduce SequreTronix to you. We are committed in our endeavors to provide a superior professional service to you and believe that we will be able to add value to projects that you are involved with specifically with electronic security systems.



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